3 mins of perfection transformation

3 mins of perfection transformation

Three essential summer looks

A professional make-up artist teaches you step by step

Make-up artist ALEX

0. Let ’s get started : The Base


1. After a basic skin care routine, put a thin layer of primer, then choose your favorite BB Cream or liquid foundation, and apply at corresponding points.

2. Do not forget the eyelids.

3. Apply bronzer in an L form on the cheekbones, if you have a squarer face, you can apply down along your jawline. If you do not know how to dose, better put less than too much.

4. Blend evenly with a brush.

5. tips: Do not forget details, fine details are the key!

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1. Finishing touch : The Eyes

1. Apply a bright eyeshadow in center of upper eyelid.

2. Put an earth-colored eyeshadow at the bottom of the brow bone and make a closed banana.

3. Use dark brown to line the upper eyelids.

4. Carefully smudge the color more uniformly, apply a mascara, fill the eyebrow by following natural hair.


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2. After the eyes: The Lips


1. Apply a coat of lip balm, then fill the lips to blend it.

2. Use a nude pink color to shape your lip.

3. In the middle of the lower lip, add a touch of pink color and smudge it a little.
    Ideal for an everyday look – A universal natural and fresh nude makeup!


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Chanel Lip liner
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 Coral Beach. 

1. Finishing touch: The Eyes


1. Apply a coral eyeshadow from the inner corner of the eyes to the middle of eyelid.

2. With an orange eyeshadow, fill the second half of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye.

3. Put a pink gold eyeshadow to the center of eyelid and carefully blend it uniformly throughout the eye.

4. Use a white eyeliner pencil on the upper eyelids.

5. Line the lower eye-line with an orange eyeshadow mixed with a pink eyeshadow. Then apply a transparent gloss on the eyelid.


2. After the eyes: The Lips

1. The first step is moisturizing your lips with a lip balm.

2. Put a coral lipstick, and evenly smudge it.

3. Apply lightly a little pink eye shadow in the middle of the lower lip.


3. Tips of Alexandre

Apply the transparent gloss with a brush, put gradually on the eyelids, cover the entire eyeshadow to melt and blend it, it will give a bling bling effect, this is a Coral Beach makeup for a summer holiday.


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 Fashion Spirit. 

1. Finishing touch: The Eyes

1. Use a primer and put a pale blue-grey eye shadow on the eyelid.

2. Apply a light purple eye shadow from the outer corner of the eyelid to the middle.

3. Put a green blue eye shadow on the liner from the second half of the eyelid, extend to the rest of the eyelid then blend it.

4. Take a navy eyeliner to draw the shape on the lower eye-line, and add a turquoise eyeliner inside, take a little bit of an emerald green eye shadow eyeliner and apply along the base of the bottom lashes to fix and intensify the color.

5. Cut two long false eyelashes into 6 : 2 short and 2 long, from the outer corner of each eye, apply respectively a short section, a long section then a short section, so three sections of the false eyelashes.


2. After the eyes:  the Lips

1. Put a layer of lip balm, wait a moment until the lips absorb the product, shape the outline lips with a berry lip pencil.

2. Fill the lips out with the berry lip liner.

3. Apply a dark red lipstick in the middle of the lower lip then smudge it to the edges. The Queen party makeup is done!


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